Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chaparral 2B

Chaparral 2B made by Autoart ref. 66596

•S/N: 2A-003
•1965 Bridgehampton 500km #66 Team: Chaparral Cars Inc Gr.:S+5.0 with Hap Sharp - Winner - 156.6km/h, margin 2 laps
•Chevy-V8cyl 5436cc dohc 415hp at 6500rpm CR=11:1 Weber 48 DCOE Carbs 2 speed automatic gearbox 748kg 4 built (2A001 - 2A004)
•2B is a 2A with full aero tweaks package

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  1. AUTOart has modeled the Chaparral currently in the museum. This car carries #66, but neither Hall or Sharp raced #66 in this configuration. Sharp did race this configuration at Laguna Seca in on Oct 17. So, it should carry #65. It is chassis 2-001 (see first link). Hall's car at Laguna was chassis 2-002, but it was crashed and badly damaged. It carried the same rear spoiler as it did at Mosport in September. Hall never raced any Chaparral 2 with rear spoiler as AUTOart modeled it. At Riverside, Hall drove the 2C and Sharp had the "flipper" equipped Chaparral 2 (chassis 2-003). Another point, the car Sharp drove at Bridgehampton (I was present for that race), had the cooler scoop on the left side of the car, which is not on the AUTOart model. See second link.



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